Our company has experience developing android app for small local business, using the latest platform’s native technology. Our projects are shown below

The images are merely illustrative

Memory Game – September 2018

A clinic that works with elderly people with dementia, was looking for activities for patients to do, they have created an application for cognitive stimulation for these elderly people.

Memory Game Memory Game

Task Organizer – December 2018

A locksmith needed to organize his orders, so an application was made to help with the demands.

Task Organizer Task Organizer

QR Code Reader – February 2019

A market was struggling to manage its product stock, so an application was developed that reads QR codes and bars and then generated a report.

QR Code Reader QR Code Reader

Finance app – July 2019

A clothing shop was struggling to organize its financial transactions on paper, so an application was produced to help consolidate finances.

Finance app Finance app

Weather app – September 2019

A local cooperative wanted to increase its digital presence, so an application was published that provided the weather forecast for the region.

Weather app Weather app

Map app – February 2020

A carrier that needed help managing its trucks, so an application was built that showed the location of vehicles in real time.

Map app Map app

Fitness trainer – July 2020

A gym would like to offer its customers a personalized way, so an application was developed to record the performance of physical activities.

Fitness trainer Fitness trainer

Auth app – November 2020

An accounting office needed to provide remote access to its reports, so an application for authentication was built.

Auth app Auth app